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1. Poorly formed helices where helix internal edge is not parallel to the shaft can cause variability in pitch that can result in different feed rates over the length of conveyor, causing inefficiency. If auger pitch is not consistent as you can see in the diagram below, the rate of flow of material under different pitch sections (L) vary, material start squeezing up in smaller pitch sections, generates uneven load points and builds enormous pressure on forward blades.

If P2<P1: Uneven load bearing points occur, wear & tear happens faster than normal P2>P1: Semi empty sections lead to inefficiency.




2. Clearance between flight and inside diameter of casing is critical when using different commodities
Uniformity of clearance can be achieved with the combination of our blank cut design manager and helix Flight forming machine up to the precision of plus minus 2mm. One of the great advantages of true form helices is the angle between the shaft and helix always remains perpendicular that creates uniform welding joints through out the auger length.




Our machine and software allow companies total flexibility in the design of pitch, size, notches, legs, tapers, left or right Flights. Square internal diameters or square perimeters are now capable with capacity to handle outside diameters of 200mm to 1350mm in up to 32mm plate.
High Speed
Helix Flight forming, speeds vary depending on size ranging from less than 1 minute for basic helix flights and for example, less than 3 minutes for production runs of large one metre diameter 25mm thick helices with 150mm pitch to fit 273mm shaft.
High quality
manufacture is possible with flush fit across Helix Flight joins and “click tight” fit of Helix Flights to shafts.
Uniform true form
helices with consistent pitch angle means that there are less wear points or unnecessary damage to the face of the helix. Also, there is less wear on motor drives and bearings used in the conveyer.
on the Helix Design Software and Manufacturing Machines is very quick. Operators can go from having no experience to being fully capable with 2-3 days training. This means that they will be able to predict forming sequence for new helix designs and also manufacture them development.


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