Innovative Flight Forming Machines

Screw Presses

Most often flights used in screw presses deal with enormous amount of stress over time. Different techniques have been used to protect the flights that involve wear plate coating, additional thickness etc. Our machine allows flight manufacturers to form screw flights straight of wear plate.

1. Ultra Adjustable Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines used in conjunction with Helix Flight's Blank Cut Design Manager allows companies total flexibility in the design of pitch, size, tapers and left or right Flights.

2. Uniform true form helices with consistent pitch angle means that there is less wear points or unnecessary damage to the face of the helix.

3. Training on the Helix Design Software and Manufacturing Machines is very quick. Operators can go from having no experience to being fully capable with 2-3 days training. This means that they will be able to predict forming sequence for new helix designs and also manufacture them.

4 With HFMML's Blank Cut Design Manager and Manufacturing Machines, there is the opportunity to supply sectional helix flights for industrial sectors than you currently do not operate in. HFMML can support entry into those other sectors with consultation and examples. Very much like having a crystal ball at hand for strategy and marketing development.

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