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23 May 2018 - Finalists for ExportNZ Award 2018 for DHL Best Emerging Business Category

We are honoured to have been named as one of the 6 finalists in this year’s Air New Zealand Cargo Export NZ Awards 2018 under DHL Best Emerging Business for Goods Category. Overall there 27 finalists in seven categories from 25 companies headquartered in Auckland and Waikato. Judges were looking for companies who have done outstanding performance in export sales and adopted most innovative approach for long term sustainable growth making NZ mark on world. 

Can't wait to see results on Gala Night (28th June).



15 December 2017 - Helix Flight celebrate festive season & stellar year.

This has been a great year for Helix Flight. This year we; moved to over 20 machines operating spanning the globe, were a finalist in Export NZ awards, achieved significant advancements in our technology through continued R&D, experienced reorders from a number of rapidly growing partners, had visitors from all over the world. We continue to invest heavily in development of our technology, designing better machines and software across the range while also adding new capabilities to existing machines with upgrades. We wish all or current and future clients success in 2018 and we will be continuing our push to provide the widest and best range of sectional helix forming machines and support in the world.

9 March 2017 - HF1 IDHD Machine USA Bound


Helix Flight shipped another HF1 Intermediate Diameter Heavy Duty (HF1 IDHD) Ultra Adjustable sectional helix forming machine today. Destination is with one of the largest and leading drilling equipment OEM’s in North America. The HF1 IDHD machine will provide this company with another level of competitive advantages to enhance their range of superior performance augers. Having in house control of quality assurance of true form helices, assuring deliveries, and flexibility in range from 200mm (8”) diameter up 2400 (94.5”) and material up to 50mm (2”), and speed of production, will all benefit their clients.



21 Feb 2017 - Multi Flight Tab - Latest Addition to Helix Flight's Blank Cut Design Manager Software

The new multi flight tab allows all data for a range of helices to be entered on just one page significantly adding to efficiency for project management work. Like wise the profiling party/department gets a summarised sheet with set of required helix cuts on one dxf file. Like wise the job sheet for helix forming operator can be condensed adding efficiencies to each stage of the process.

20 Oct 2016 - Another successful placement of HF1 ID machine

We are pleased to announce another successful placement of our HF1 Intermediate Diameter machine with one of the leading agriculture equipment manufacturers in USA. Bringing true form helices manufacture in house up to 2.4m diameter in 25mm plate enable significant savings on fit up and better control of stock and delivery times. However, this machine also enable R&D trialling option and ultra adjustability to make refinements with an objective less weld time and less weld materials but also ultimately product performance in the field.

17 May 2016 - Successful trail on Vautid Plate

Vautid produce a type of sandwich abrasion resistant plates. This type of plate has a thickness of specifically designed with high strength wear resistant material formed by a special deposition welding method over laying mild carbon steel. Due to its material composition and wear resistant characteristics it has gained immediate attention in number of industries such as highly abrasive (wear) conveyor and screw press type industries. Helix Flight have been trialling forming of this material on our HF1 medium diameter machine to validate acceptable ratios on pitch to bore size, and forming behaviour in relation to true helical shape. We see this as an opportunity for our Helix Flight machine owners to tackle certain niche markets eliminating the process of hard facing.

17 May 2016 - Small Diameter (SD) Adaptor Set for HF1 Series Medium Diameter (MD) machines

The Ultra Adjustable nature of the HF1 MD just took a great step forward with and even greater range of production possible. We are happy to announce there is an SD adaptor set available for HF1 MD machines which extends lower end capacity. With the adaptor set, diameters as small as 50mm, bore sizes as small as 25mm and appropriate small pitches can be formed with true form. This development opens up an opportunity for our existing and new HF1 MD, HF1 MDVX, HF1 MDHD machines to form small diameter helices for a number of industries without investing in a complete new HF1- SD machine.

2nd Feb 2016 - Successfully positioned our 12th system.

Following on from our placement in UAE we now have two new clients taking on our machines. We feel the level of adoption is testimony to how advanced our technology has become. However, our R&D spend continues and we have a number of specific projects which will bring new features and competitive advantages later this year.

1st Nov 2015 - We are pleased to announce that our new website is now fully operational.

The update has aimed to take on board helpful comments from our customers. We trust we now have better seamless navigation for information seekers. We continue to make significant improvements for our licensees in terms of support resources to assist with business development and quicker access to our new and revised world renown Blank Cut Design Manager (BCDM). We welcome any further feedback. Our objective is one of constant and relentless development and we welcome comments and suggestions.

10 June 2015 - Seamless effort with BCDM - now .Dxf file compatibility

BCDM software recent update allows users to download drawing in DXF file format for seamless compatibility with CAD packages imbedded in plate cutting operations. The process should now be seamless with no redrawing of blanks to meet the input criteria of plate cutting machines. An extra added benefit to our Licensees.

1 June 2015 - BCDM software on new feature - updated to produce square centre helices

Using square shafts can provide some significant advantages, whether it screw piling or screw conveyors.  Key is the ability to drive with relying on pin connections to the drive mechanism or through joints which are notorious wear points and the often the weakness in a system.  Our design team have now added the option of square centre cuts for blanks to facilitate use of square shafts up to 150mm (6”) square.  This function also allows for setting square section wall thickness critical to corner detail and helix fit.  Of course the software also provides special plate cutting format friendly dxf file as output.

21 May 2015 - 3rd Success in winning R&D grant

Success leads to success. The success of previous projects and revolutionary developments for the sectional helix forming industry, involving funding from the New Zealand Government Agency Callaghan Innovation has resulted in a 3rd win. Helix Flight have gained matched funding for a high capacity semi automation development for NZD $100,000 including software and machine prototype work.

1 May 2015 - Appointment of New Business Development Manager

Helix Flight is pleased to announce the appointment of Sandy our new Business Development Manager. Sandy is a highly qualified mechanical engineer with MBA and post graduate diploma in marketing.  He will significantly increase level of business support for owners of our machines. This appointment goes hand in hand with our strategy of assisting our machine owners, ensuring production for machines grows rapidly.  We want to see our machines acting as a “rain maker” bringing in work for companies.

Sandy should be readily available, his phone number is; +64 21 341166 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


13 April 2013 -Small software designer and machine manufacturer takes flight with R&D grant

An Auckland-based manufacturing company's research and development programme will take flight courtesy of a grant from Callaghan Innovation.

The funds will be employed by Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines Limited to ramp up R&D and technology commercialisation activities. This follows on from their successful development of software and machines for producing perfect helices, often called flighting, for screw piling, anchoring, augers and conveyors. Current machines are exported around the globe.

Managing Director Daniel Coats aims to develop prototypes of a second generation higher speed machine for large volume dependent factories and a larger high capacity machine for custom equipment built for the largest of machines in the world. Both identified as new customer requirements from earlier research.

Present machines produce helices up to 2500mm in diameter.

Mr Coats said “evidence to date shows our new machines are durable and improved quality and performance of end products. Our clients see the savings in improved performance of end products and this makes our machines very affordable. This funding will enable us to continue on R&D while getting of with our current commercialisation and export growth”

The grant was received from Crown entity Callaghan Innovation which was established in February this year to enable innovative products to reach the market faster.

To apply, businesses must spend a significant proportion of their revenue on research and be able to demonstrate a path to significant expanded export revenues.

Since the scheme was announced in 2010, 50 businesses have received more than $170m in grants, which are assessed by an independent panel and managed by Callaghan Innovation.

In the past year Helix Flight was pleased to successfully place a machine into one of North Americas largest manufacturers’ brand new factory.

Mr Coats said the funding was a significant milestone for the company, as it would enable it to pursue new markets around the world.

"This development project and the recognition by Callaghan Innovation is a solid endorsement that Helix Flight has proven technology," he said.

Last month, Daniel Coats visited one of Japan largest and sophisticated robotic manufacturers with positive sentiment coming from the meeting, including an expected visit by senior executives to visit Helix Flight and witness a machine in operation in New Zealand later this year.



7 January 2013 - Helix Flight machine produces helixes to aid robotic welding for Almita's brand new world class manufacturing facility in Canada

Almita Piling opened their world class screw pile manufacturing facility in Alberta Canada in 2011. The production line at this facility includes a Helix Flight HF1 Ultra Variability Machine. Almita produces a wide range of screw pile products which require helices from 12" (304.8mm) to 48" (1219.2mm) of various pitches from plate thicknesses up to 1¼" (31.8mm).

The helix forming machine has already produced tens of thousands of excellent quality helixes for exacting and quality demanding clients. Director of Special Projects Ken Stebner is very happy with the HF1 performance. “We are pleased with the simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the HF1 as it continues to produce perfect pitch and helix to pipe fit ups.” Ken goes on to note “as industry becomes increasingly familiar with screw piles, our sophisticated clients are requiring true pitch helices as part of their specifications. They recognize that in order to meet the design requirements, the pressing of the helix is a critical quality element.”

Almita Piling is a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of screw piles and screw pile technology.

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