Innovative Flight Forming Machines


Considering the ever-growing need of augers made from wear plate material such as Hardox 450, we have developed a machine that can form auger flights straight form wear plate (Hardox 450 or Bisalloy)

1. Our machine allows total flexibility in the design of Auger Flights. Square internal diameters are now capable with the capacity to handle outside diameters of 200mm to 1350mm in up to 32mm plate.

2. Helix Flight forming, speeds vary depending on size ranging from less than 1 minute for basic helix flights and for example, less than 3 minutes for production runs of large one metre diameter 25mm thick helices with 150mm pitch to fit 273mm shaft.

3. High quality manufacture is possible with flush fit across Helix Flight joins and “click tight” fit of Helix Flights to shafts.

4. When using HFMML machines to form the helix plate, there is minimum damage, if any to the plate.

5. Training on the Helix Flight Blank Cut Design Manager and Manufacturing Machines is very quick. Operators can go from having no experience to being fully capable with 2-3 days training. This means that they will be able to predict forming sequence for new helix designs and also manufacture them.

6. With HFMML design Software and Manufacturing Machines, there is the opportunity to supply sectional helix flights for industrial sectors than you currently do not operate in. HFMML can support entry into those other sectors with consultation and examples. Very much like having a crystal ball at hand for strategy and marketing development.

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