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Marine Anchors

Terminology; screw anchors, screw in anchors, screw piers, helix anchors, screw in marine anchors

Traditional methods of marine anchoring is based on the use of weight to overcome the thrust pressures of waves and tides. There is a point where more weight at the anchor position is not sustainable due to cost or location issues.

It has been proven that the use of screw in marine anchors can offer protection of installed assets when the use of weights could not cope. For example, mussel farms in NZ.

The cost benefits of Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines have been proven in comparative production rates, safety, and ease of the Screw Anchor fabrication processes without secondary work. Production rates vary depending on size.

The quality and accuracy achieved from the Helix Flight Design Software in tandem with our Manufacturing Machines allows the development of efficient robotic welding processes. This is possible by the + or - 2.5% of pitch and blade perpendicular to shaft and tolerance of + or - 2.5% percent of blade width. A sub 1mm fit to shaft is now dependent on the quality of the shaft used.

With HFMML's Blank Cut Design Manager and Manufacturing Machines, there is the opportunity to supply sectional helix flights for industrial sectors than you currently do not operate in. HFMML can support entry into those other sectors with consultation and examples. Very much like having a crystal ball at hand for strategy and marketing development

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