Innovative Flight Forming Machines

Screw piles

What is Important?
1. Avoid the common mistake of ignoring the importance of helix quality in the screw pile industry. High quality true form helices are critical for design integrity,
Efficiency of manufacture, particularly robotic welding,
Weld integrity,
Installation effectiveness and efficiency while reducing installation risks
Ultimately load capacity.

2 A true form helix mitigates risk of piles spinning at difficult interfaces.

What are the benefits of our machine?
1. Cost benefits: The cost benefits of Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines have been proven in comparative production rates, safety, and ease of the Screw Pile fabrication processes without secondary work.

2. Production rates vary depending on size. This can range from less than 1 minute for basic helix flights and for example, less than 3 minutes for production runs of large one metre diameter 25mm thick helices with 150mm pitch to fit 273mm shaft.

3. QUALITY: The helix quality allows development of efficient robotic welding processes. This is possible by the +or - 2.5% of pitch and blade perpendicular to shaft and tolerance of + or - 2.5% percent of blade width. A sub 1mm fit to shaft is now dependent on the quality of shaft used.

4. Flexibility to customise Helix Flights to specific project requirements allowing bespoke efficiencies.

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