Innovative Flight Forming Machines

Specification of Helix Flight Machines

There are two sets of machines available to cover variety of jobs from small to large diameter and different grades of material

light duty range jan 19 v8


heavy duty range jan 19


1 Standard machine ranges are based on 250Mpa Yield Strength Plate & range of sizes will affected by alternate grades.
2 Maximum Pitch is a function of ID and will be limited accordingly
3. The light duty range is not suitable for forming abrasion resistant plates.
4. The heavy duty range is specifically designed for forming hard plate or abrasion resistant plates such as Hardox 450 or Bisalloy. However, the maximum attainable pitch and material thickness in Hardox 450 is limited and varies from machine to machine.
5. The maximum achievable plate thickness is subject to flange width

Speed of production

Speed will vary significantly depending on material, diameter, and large pitch items. Speed will also vary depending on required tolerances if less than specified.

Please contact HFMML for specific details for the required model.


Helix Flight Forming Machine


Helix Flight Forming Machine is a specifically designed machine to form sectional helices from flat plate. The machine works on an advanced forming technology that delivers true pitch helices every time that requires no rework and contains the following features:

.    Accurate fit to shaft for efficient handling
.    Uniformity for weld procedure
.    Helix Internal edge parallel to shaft


the benefits
the benefits
the benefits


Benefits of Helix Flight Machines

the benefits



Dimensions of helix Flight Machines


machinery dimensions



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