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2007-2012 – The Innovation Phase
HFMML was founded with substantial backing of three partners including founder Daniel Coats.  Entities include intergenerational businesses who have been running successfully for over 55 years.  The sole driver for this business is constant innovation and revolutionising helix forming.  The HFMML business has been further validated by NZ Government R&D Agency Callaghan Innovation underwriting the R&D plans

2012-2014 – The Revolutionary Machine
In 2012 HFMML positioned the first HF1 Series machines in Japan. Since then the company focus has been directed at enhancing performance of machines.  Targets have been to lead the world ensuring; safety, reliability with advance on line diagnostics, quality of true helix form, reducing training requirements, and reducing the chances of operational error. At the same time HFMML has also been extending the service life of machines driven by new technology developments

2014-2015 – A custom Built Approach
At the end of 2014, with experience built having started transforming global industries with the release of the first HF1 Series machine. The company’s interest kept growing in finding solutions to more intense problems such as cold forming helices from wear plate and forming larger diameter and thickness helices. HFMML made a large investment in research and development of a wear plate capable machine release to the market in Mid 2015. This machine has already entered production in Europe and gained interest from a number of companies around the world.  

The Helix Flight Team
The HFMML team is made up of genius mathematicians, designers, engineers and metallurgy people that all work for one cause: allowing companies to move away from Craftsman black art of forming helices. With the great effort of our team, HFMML is now deemed as one of the top 4 finalists for HERA Innovation award 2015.

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